Declawing Cats

People believe that declawing cats are a quick and not harmful way to unwanted scratching, however, this insensible action can cause many problems for the cat, itself. Declawing can cause cats to be more aggressive and bite people more often, in addition, cat would be less likely to use the litter box to deal with its business. The reality of declawing is seamlessly painful because it is basically like cutting of each finger up to the last knuckle for humans. Some negative effects of declawing cats are medical disadvantages such as infections, pain in their paws, tissue necrosis (which is the death of tissue), lameness (which affects the animals posture), and back pain. Additionally, there can be an improper regrowth of the removed claw, nerve damage and bone spurs. Cats use their claws as a safety mechanism, without it, cats feel unsafe and will resort to other things such as their mouths to defend themselves.

Try our tips for stopping unwanted scratching
If you are worried about your cat damaging your home, or want to avoid unwanted scratching, start with these tips:
Keep their claws trimmed to minimize damage to household items.
Provide stable scratching posts and boards around your home. Offer different materials like carpet, sisal, wood, and cardboard, as well as different styles (vertical and horizontal). Use toys and catnip to entice your cat to use the posts and boards. 
Ask your veterinarian about soft plastic caps (like Soft Paws®) that are glued to the cat’s nails. They need to be replaced about every six weeks.
Attach a special tape (like Sticky Paws®) to furniture to deter your cat from unwanted scratching.

We should take care of cats and stop declawing them because it is harmful to them and I believe they should live a good life too.


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