Animal Testing VIDEO

Animal testing has been a controversial topic that has been going on for many years now. There are argument of whether if we should keep animal testing or use other alternatives instead.

Welcome back to our blog!! We have created videos regarding to the our campaign of rescuing animals. Our videos are to support our cause and educate other people about the some types of animal abuse such as animal testing, by me, and puppy mills, by Rena. In addition, we are here to inform others about no-kill shelter, by Julianne. We want to continue to raise awareness about our cause and make this accessible to people to know about our cause.

The process of making these videos were exhaustive but interesting. First, we had to search for information using scholarly sources and try to obtain vast information about our topic before we make our presentation. Next, we created a script for our presentation, so we can generally get the gist of how our presentation was going to look like and how it is going to be created. After that, we created our presentations and editing according to how we seem fit. Though, the process was quite long, we felt accomplished when we were finally finished with the videos. My friends and I put in a lot of effort into these video presentations and we hope that you enjoy the videos as well as learn a little something from our videos.


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